Thoughts on home

Sep 26

Thoughts on home

I am currently reading this memoir, The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost (I hate the title just as much as you do… but the book is really a good read). Author Rachel Friedman did a reading at my favorite bookshop here in LA – The Traveler’s Bookcase, and I was able to pick up a copy. During the reading, I literally caught myself gasping during several passages, because as she read, her words were almost exactly conveying the feelings that I had while living abroad after college.

She talks a lot in the book about the indecision she felt after graduation, and how that feeling, even after all of her travels, still lingered on for many years – and even still today. She talks also about feeling a bit lost, and even though she’s always enjoying her adventures, she wonders how to establish her life in a way that will bring her contentment and peace well into her old age. This is just one quote from the book that I particularly love. I am only about half-way through, and a complete review is forthcoming.

“Even the homes we leave on purpose, the families we break away from to be ourselves or someone else, call us back again and again, to a place that has long since ceased to be home yet still holds power over us. I know this myself now that I have left this place behind and have not yet created anything to replace it, if such a thing is even possible.” Chapter 10, pg. 134

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