Teach for America FINAL INTERVIEW

Dec 01


So, this Friday I have my final interview in the two-month application process for Teach for America. I am pretty nervous, especially since I have to teach a 5-minute lesson to my fellow interviewees as well as do a One-on-One Interview with a member of the Teach for America team.

My lesson is going to be a very simple acting lesson, geared towards Freshman high school students, meant to be part of a series on “Making Choices.” It’s very simple, all about placing emphasis on certain words to change the meaning of the line you are saying. It’s one of many ways an actor can experiment with the words of their character, in an effort to make strong choices.

Very, very, very basic. And kind of makes acting seems silly. But when you think about it, it’s those types of introductory lessons that comprise High School Drama class before you move on to more “serious acting” (by which I mean standing in a circle with other actors and crying).

Wish me luck! I will report back. And after taking my GRE on Monday, I’ll definitely start blogging again. It’s just been a little hectic these past few weeks.



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