The little things that make me happy….

Feb 07

The little things that make me happy….

Right now I am intrigued by the cocktail ring. I know I know, I’m about 6 months behind the trend of these enormous baubles that make a statement from about a mile away. I think that I wasn’t interested before because I assumed that something so huge must be very expensive. But I’ve been finding these rings all over town for anywhere from $10 to as low as $3.50. The $3.50 ring will probably fall apart next week, but it’s really cute today. And I’m okay with that.

An added bonus: these fat-ass rings have made being at my computer and writing grants all the more fun. At least when I’m pressing the Shift key, there is a party going on above my keyboard.

I particularly like the center bottom earthy-toned stone. And the little bug!

The color contrast and detail of this one is pretty remarkable.

I dig the geometric, sort of Egyptian feeling of this one. And the color!

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