To Pin… or Not To Pin…

Mar 09

I’m not sure how I feel about Pinterest. I get the appeal of a virtual corkboard, especially if one is planning a big event like a wedding or a fundraiser, or decorating their home and looking to collect ideas, or wanting inspiration for a wardrobe update. And I think it’s super fun to scroll through other people’s pins and ooh and ahh about what they’ve “liked” and “re-pinned” and marvel at the cute names they’ve come up with for their categories (I mean, how many ironic or pun-filled titles can people come up with in place of “recipes?”). But I feel like in order to use Pinterest, I’d have to give something else up. I already can’t handle Twitter – my brother has to basically REMIND me every so often that I have an account. I started this blog to keep up with my writing – but now that I am freelance writing and volunteering ON TOP of a full-time job (where I mostly write), it’s getting harder and harder to show this site my love as well. I can’t live without my daily dose of Huffington Post – and too many of my friends are having babies and getting married to give up looking at their pictures on Facebook.
So I feel spread a little thin on the internet. And I really don’t like spending too much time on the computer. I’d rather be looking at something that isn’t on a screen (I say this while simultaneously drinking a tall glass of hypocrisy that goes down smooth as I type this very blog).
I guess what I’m really saying is – in order for me to feel okay taking a more active interest in Pinterest (oooh, I rhymed!), I am going to need to let go of another time-wasting internet habit. And I can tell you right now that it’s NOT going to be – because honestly, sometimes that’s the only thing that gets me through a hard day….

This blog could possibly be the poster-child for the term First World Problems.
And for that, I apologize.

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