The little things that make me happy….

Feb 07

The little things that make me happy….

Right now I am intrigued by the cocktail ring. I know I know, I’m about 6 months behind the trend of these enormous baubles that make a statement from about a mile away. I think that I wasn’t interested before because I assumed that something so huge must be very expensive. But I’ve been finding these rings all over town for anywhere from $10 to as low as $3.50. The $3.50 ring will probably fall apart next week, but it’s really cute today. And I’m okay with that.

An added bonus: these fat-ass rings have made being at my computer and writing grants all the more fun. At least when I’m pressing the Shift key, there is a party going on above my keyboard.

I particularly like the center bottom earthy-toned stone. And the little bug!

The color contrast and detail of this one is pretty remarkable.

I dig the geometric, sort of Egyptian feeling of this one. And the color!

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This, my friends, is genius.

Feb 04

And completely sums up how I’ve been feeling this week. And, if I’m being honest, this month.

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These Dreams – OOTM

Feb 03

My current Obsession of the Moment is this song – and mainly anything in the world that Nancy Wilson has ever laid her hands on. There is something so female, so powerful, and so heart-wrenching about this song. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about the song that gets to me, but it makes me feel like a teenager in the passenger seat of my best friends’ car, dreaming about the life I want to live. I was a little devastated to find out that this song wasn’t written by Ann & Nancy (as most of their songs were) but instead by Bernie Taupin, who also penned such gems as “We Built This City” for Jefferson Starship and many hits for Elton John.

I can’t believe a man wrote this song.

Click here to listen to These Dreams.

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Dec 21

In an attempt to make advance good on my third of several New Years’ Resolutions, I am going to do something very dangerous here: I am going to tell you my resolutions. This is dangerous because of what inevitably will occur around April or May of said new year, when a friend might come up and ask how I am progressing on that novel…. As my face flushes, I will mumble something about a disaster at work or my chronic bronchitis and walk away quickly.

But, what the hell. I might as well tell a few people (by a few, I mean the 4 of you who read this) – and perhaps the knowledge that my promises are recorded on the internet will help me to be a little more diligent about my commitment to my resolutions.

1. Dance more – I am starting here because it is the easiest of all the resolutions. I dream of dancing. I think in movement and have visions of choreography while listening to Florence and the Machine. I am a Dance genius actually. My only setback is that… I… can’t… actually… dance. So, I make the pledge to dance, whether it be in a class or in my living room or in the rehearsal space at the office, at least once a week. Which will be a whole lot more than I do it now, because now I only dance in my car.

2. Learn Spanish – This has been on many a list. But this year will be my year to become bi-lingual. Mostly because I just really have absolutely no excuse at this point. I live in Los Angeles! I work with people whose first language is Spanish! I have endless resources that will help me learn and practice this language!

3. Write more – This one might seem just as easy as the first – but the difference is that I actually write most days, for hours. Sometimes I just edit or revise, but many of my days at work are spent writing – it’s what I get paid to do, which is kind of awesome when you think about it. But I want to write more for pleasure. I find myself wanting to zone out to an episode of Real Housewives because my brain is so tired after work – which brings me to my next resolution…

4. Watch less TV – We have a really awesome sectional and a cat that loves to cuddle. These two things combined with a small apartment can create a perfect storm that forces me to lie prone under a quilt and be perfectly content with whatever Lifetime movie is on at the time. I can still watch a half hour to an hour of TV a day if I want – but other than that – it will be turned off. I feel like watching too much TV this year has actually made me less smart. And we can’t have that.

5. Get out of debt – I don’t even have that much. I am so close to paying off my car and I have one credit card balance that haunts me. It shouldn’t seem so daunting but it does. I need to clear this debt, so that I can take on new debt in a few years (in the form of a house) and not be totally overwhelmed by it. I am looking into debt trackers and payment plans that I can download onto my phone or Ipad to help me track everything and be methodical about it. I will let you know what I find!

Happy Holidays! I am off to Maryland and Georgia to spend time with my family, and I can’t wait.

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Teach for America FINAL INTERVIEW

Dec 01


So, this Friday I have my final interview in the two-month application process for Teach for America. I am pretty nervous, especially since I have to teach a 5-minute lesson to my fellow interviewees as well as do a One-on-One Interview with a member of the Teach for America team.

My lesson is going to be a very simple acting lesson, geared towards Freshman high school students, meant to be part of a series on “Making Choices.” It’s very simple, all about placing emphasis on certain words to change the meaning of the line you are saying. It’s one of many ways an actor can experiment with the words of their character, in an effort to make strong choices.

Very, very, very basic. And kind of makes acting seems silly. But when you think about it, it’s those types of introductory lessons that comprise High School Drama class before you move on to more “serious acting” (by which I mean standing in a circle with other actors and crying).

Wish me luck! I will report back. And after taking my GRE on Monday, I’ll definitely start blogging again. It’s just been a little hectic these past few weeks.



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